Sort my Debt

Sort My Debt employed me to redesign and rewrite their entire website. The job started with some keyword search term research. I then used this research to decide on which keywords each page would target. I researched the subject and wrote content around these keywords ensuring the headers, meta data and alt text all worked well together. I also worked on the mobile site, ensuring this worked and updated all links and social links within the website. I added the ability to WhatsApp the page. I redesigned the website, making it cleaner and bringing it more up to date. Interactive features and better colour schemes were added alongside more consistent fonts and text sizing. After completing the website re-write I also indexed the site on google and Bing, making sure sitemaps were submitted. Below are a few screenshots of my finished work, you can also visit the Sort My Debt website to see more.

Sort my debt content writing, redesign and rewrite of entire website. seo optimised content. the right write

Early Years Fun Subscription

I was initially asked by Early Years Fun Subscription to write the text for their website. This involved both keyword research alongside research into the Early Years Foundation Stage and getting a good idea about the products the website is selling. I was able to write SEO optimised content around child development and the early years curriculum. I also redesigned the website, making it more modern and user friendly. The logo was changed and branded colours chosen to go with the logo. I currently write product descriptions for this company as they bring out more products to add to their website. You can visit the Early Years Fun Subscription website to see examples of my work.

early years fun subscription website redesign and rewrite by the right write

Silver Memories Content Editing

I recently had the pleasure of editing the text on Silver Memories website. The job involved correcting the English within the existing text throughout the whole site including product descriptions. They were so pleased with my work that they then employed me to add the text to the site alongside adding more content with key search terms included and doing general work improving the SEO of the website. You can find examples of my editing work on the Silver Memories website.

silver memories web content edit by the right write

Ellie the elephant goes to school

I had a lot of fun with this one! Ellie the elephant goes to school is a children’s book about an elephant with sensitive ears and a very understanding friend. I wrote the text of the story and also made the illustrations. The book tells the story of a little boy who takes his toy elephant to school. The toy elephant, Ellie, doesn’t want to join in with any of the activities and gets upset. The boy realises it is because his friend has very sensitive ears and makes her some ear defenders. They then enjoy the last lesson together. You can find this book for sale here.

Ellie the elephant goes to school book write and illustrations the right write

Kids on tour – Autism without limits

Kids on tour – autism without limits is a blog that I love to write in my spare time. I started this website six years ago with the aim to inspire parents of autistic children to not let autism limit them, and to go out and explore the world with their kids. I wanted to give as much information as possible to help them do just that. I have seen amazing things happen as a direct result of writing our journey.  Attractions have implemented new ways to accommodate neurodiverse guests and I have been able to help schools and teachers implement ways to be inclusive and for all pupils.

You are more than welcome to explore my blog Kids on tour – autism without limits for examples of my writing and join us in our adventures!

kids on tour autism without limits logo the right write

Debt to Pay

Debt To Pay employed me to redesign and rewrite their entire website with SEO optimised content and SEO work on the back end of the site. I was able to clean up their website making it look more modern and making sure all links etc worked. I researched relevant keyword search terms and used these to write authentic and helpful content with each page targeted to a different search term. You can see examples of my work on the Debt To Pay website.

debt to pay website redesign and rewrite by the right write